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         Geneviève ROUANES                      drapeau anglais

I am a self-taught painter. I have been painting for pleasure for around 35 years. I paint to share my emotions when I look a beautiful landscape, a pretty face or scrumptious looking fruit. Nature is such a feast for the eye and the spirit that I find it very inspiring.

Far from theory and fashion, I paint as I feel. Of course, over the years of practice, reading and training, I have acquired some skills and techniques.

I prefer to work in my studio from drawings that I have done and photos I have taken outside which capture the always changing light. I don't paint outside very often as sun and wind are not my friends !

I began to paint with oil, and then acrylic and currently I paint almost exclusively with watercolor, a technique that I have had to perfect in order to paint my travel books.

But feeling trapped in my drawing, my current research is now moving towards the abstract. I leave the contraints of perspective, respect for forms, my composition is free, my paintings evolves little by little, the viewer will have the choise of what he wants to see or feel.